Skin Cancer Screening

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Skin Cancer Screening
Skin Cancer Screening services offered in Manhasset, NY

Skin cancer screenings are the most effective weapon against skin cancer, which is why the American Academy of Dermatology recommends them for everyone. At Brooks Dermatology in Manhasset, New York, experienced board-certified dermatologist Steven Brooks, DO, offers skin cancer screenings to detect cancer as early as possible. With early treatment, skin cancer is 99% curable, so don’t wait to get your screening. Schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking online today.

Skin Cancer Screening Q & A

What causes skin cancer?

Skin cancer is usually caused by excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. In most cases, this means spending too much time in the sun and failing to wear adequate sun protection. 

Tanning beds and lamps also carry a risk of skin cancer. In fact, people who have used indoor tanning before age 35 have a 75% increase in melanoma risk.

What is skin cancer screening?

Skin cancer screening is an exam, performed by a dermatologist, that checks your skin to identify possible cancers. Because skin cancer is the most common type of cancer today in the United States, it’s important for everyone to have skin cancer screenings.

What happens during a skin cancer screening? 

A skin cancer screening exam covers all the skin on your body, from the scalp down to the foot pads. Doctors often use special tools like dermatoscopes (handheld instruments that allow them to see the skin in great detail) to examine suspicious growths close-up during skin cancer screenings. 

Your first skin cancer screening involves a complete skin exam along with photographs of each skin growth to establish a baseline. Your doctor makes note of all skin growths in your records. In subsequent screenings, they check for changes and new issues. 

Depending on your situation, you may have a biopsy during a skin cancer screening. This procedure involves removing part or all of a new or suspicious skin growth and then checking the sample for cancer cells in the lab. 

Skin cancer screenings also include education: you’ll learn how to check your skin for changes regularly at home and how to protect yourself from skin cancer. 

What happens if my skin cancer screening reveals cancer?

Skin cancer has a 99% cure rate when found early (in the localized stage). If you have skin cancer, Brooks Dermatology provides situation-specific treatment such as surgical lesion removal or cryotherapy (freezing the cancer to destroy it). 

Depending on the situation, you could need additional approaches such as radiation and topical chemotherapy cream. 

How often should I have skin cancer screenings?

Most patients need annual skin cancer screenings. If you have skin cancer once, you have a higher risk of having it in the future. So, you’ll likely need more frequent skin cancer screenings after a bout with skin cancer. 

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